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32 Tennis Dresses to Help You Master the Country Club Aesthetic by Nicole Kliest and Julie Tong

Whether you’re serving looks on or off the court, the best tennis dresses of the season can go from country-club chic to street style favorites in one fell swoop, forehand, or backhand. It’s a sport with a rich history of blending form and function, with players of all stripes (Zendaya included!) opting for the best tennis clothes featuring crisp whites, preppy collars, and color-blocking stripes.

Retro athletic attire has been a welcome trend for a while now, whether you’ve ever stepped foot on a court or not, primarily courtesy of Tory Burch and Staud for their vintage-inspired designs. For heritage sports brands like Nike, Fila, and Wilson, the tennis dress is a staple, but emerging brands such as Recreational Habits and Sporty & Rich have taken the tennis dress in a trendier direction with more street style appeal. Outdoor Voices, Alo Yoga, and Lululemon’s technically-advanced styles appeal to players looking to improve their performances, while also providing a certain chicness that’s spot-on for days spent on at the tennis club or elsewhere. Pair any of these options with a sporty white sneaker or, perhaps, a famed tennis bracelet. Read on to discover 32 of the season’s best tennis dresses, below.


For an emphasis on classic preppy silhouettes, slip into a collared tennis dress. Post-game, throw a V-neck sweater over your shoulders for a country club-ready look. There’s no U.S. Open without Ralph Lauren, and it’s only fitting to make an appearance at the games in the brand’s signature polo dress, available in 14 different colors from white to mint green. For a dress that will put an extra pep in your step come summertime, consider Kule’s striped polo dress that is designed to be worn not only on the court, but out in the city, and even on vacation.

KULE Polo Dress

KULE the polo dress $148 KULE


Vogue featuring KULE rugby shirt

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Why a Sports Skeptic Is Leaning Into Rugby Shirts by Christian Allaire

Growing up as a kid in Canada, you played sports. My whole childhood revolved around soccer leagues, hockey teams, and gymnastic practices. You name it—I did it! I wasn’t very good at any of them; In fact, the only goal I ever scored during my short-lived hockey career was when I accidentally slapped a puck into our own team’s net. From a young age, it became very apparent that I am just not the athletic type. However, all of that seems to be changing in my 30s, as I’ve suddenly found myself entering a sporty era. Well, a fashion sporty era that is, thanks to my new spring obsession: Rugby shirts.

Though I’ve never actually attempted rugby, I’m very much into spring’s new, colorful assortment of rugby-style shirts. The striped top—originating from England in the mid-1800s, often complete with a contrasting collar—first became a staple in the sports arena as a way for teams to differentiate themselves. But now, it’s become much more of a fashion statement—a graphic top that can make any outfit feel instantly peppy and upbeat. They were everywhere on the spring 2024 runways. Brands like Dries Van NotenJW Anderson, and Dsquared2 all put their stamp on the classic rugby shirt, styling it casually with tailored shorts or jeans.

Image may contain Hailey Baldwin Clothing Footwear Shoe Person Walking Pedestrian Adult Accessories and Glasses

Though it’s been around for ages, the rugby top feels totally fresh this season. Mostly because, after years of rejecting anything remotely sports-related, it’s a look and style vibe that I’ve rarely experimented with—and isn’t spring all about a rebirth and trying new things? Admittedly, seeing celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Taylor Swift rock them has also cemented the idea that rugby shirts can read as elevated and stylish (with the right styling). So, feeling inspired by the piece, I decided to invest in my very first one and test it out. I landed on a Wales Bonner striped rugby in black, yellow, and white.

Like Bieber and Swift, I’ve enjoyed approaching the sporty staple as something that should be dressed up. (I don’t want to look like I’m actually heading to rugby practice.) The key to making it feel smart? Pairing it with my go-to pleated dress trousers, or a pair of flared jeans, for a more ’70s slant. Ditto for the shoes, too: Instead of sneakers, consider pairing it with chunky loafers or oxfords. All together, I’ve found that the balance between athleticism and dressiness creates the perfect off-duty vibe. The is outfit is casual, but put-together casual. And even better, it’s a pretty light-lift styling job: The rugby shirt does the most of the work for your statement look.

Image may contain Clothing Footwear Shoe Adult Person Teen Coat Bench Furniture Boot and Riding Boot

Who would have thought that a rugby top could turn a sports skeptic into a fan? Unexpectedly, the shirts are fast becoming my everyday fashion staple, and I even plan on adding a few more styles to my wardrobe (like this one from Guest In Residence). Does this mean I’m suddenly going to join a rugby team? Hardly; I still can’t perform a dropkick or punt to save my life. But I do enjoying looking like I possibly could.

On board with the spring rugby shirt, too? Shop 7 stylish styles below.

KULE Rugby




Vogue featuring Chloe King style mentioning KULE stripes

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What 14 Fashion Insiders Are Wearing to New York Fashion Week by Christian Allaire

Every season, New York Fashion Week’s vibrant street style scene—often documented by the expert eye of Vogue photographer Phil Oh—acts as a preview of fashion’s biggest up-and-coming trends. Buyers, editors, stylists, writers, and more all hit the streets of the Big Apple to take in the new shows. And when they do, their outfits often incorporate some of the freshest, coolest new pieces on the scene. Last season, for instance, everyone was spotted wearing the neon-bright Martine Rose x Nike sneakers—a wonderfully quirky shoe collab.

With the fall 2024 shows officially kicking off on Friday, consider this week’s show attendees the perfect individuals to draw fashion inspiration from; Their outfits basically predict what’s next in fashion. In honor, Vogue reached out and asked some of them to share what they’ll be wearing this season. Trending staples ranged from luxe Bottega Veneta bags and Miu Miu boots, to more unexpected pieces like Baby Phat gloves (Y2K style isn’t dead yet!), and cozy Collina Strada sweatpants.

Below, dive into what 13 fashion insiders will be wearing to NYFW.

Chloe King

Fashion Market and Editorial Director

The best part about getting dressed for February fashion shows is the opportunity to really experiment with layering. I plan to play around with Kule stripesZankov knits, and men’s ties non-stop this season.


Refinery29 featuring KULE Malibu tee as best breton stripe tee for capsule wardrobe

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Your Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Shopping Guide by Georgia Murray

capsule wardrobe is nothing new. The term was coined back in the 1980s by Susie Faux, the West End boutique owner who introduced her clients to minimalist brands like Jil Sander, while Donna Karan popularized the idea in the USA in ‘85 with her Seven Easy Pieces. In more recent years, Marie Kondo’s decluttering method has shaken up wardrobes the world over. The notion of a refined and utilitarian collection of clothing, of creating the maximum number of outfits from as few items as possible, is a familiar one.

Now, though, its appeal is greater than ever. The pandemic has forced many of us to recalibrate our relationship with fashion. Giving us time to step off the fast-moving carousel of disposable trends, we spent hours in lockdowns with the clothes we own and admit which were bought to secure a quick and dirty serotonin hit in the shadow of Instagram’s comparison culture, fuelled by the ease of same-day delivery. For others, waking each morning to a global pandemic has left little room for the effort and energy required to pull together a playful outfit. With heavier burdens weighing on our minds even today (see: the cost-of-living crisis), functionality is often the biggest draw when choosing what to wear each day

“People have been rethinking their relationship with clothing, which means more time being spent organizing, declutterring, and learning how to create a streamlined wardrobe,” says personal stylist Eunice Abe. Donating, selling, swapping or gifting items which no longer fit into your life is a great way to save them from landfill but the aim isn’t to mindlessly purge your wardrobe and start anew. It’s about whittling it down to a selection of thought-out pieces which will help you to resist the pull of passing trends. “Building a capsule wardrobe made up of core items not only helps me shop less and rewear my pieces over and over again,” Eunice says, “but also to not shop impulsively for the ‘next best thing’ to wear.”

At the core of a capsule wardrobe is the idea that its contents transcend passing trends but of course it will mean different things to different people. If monochrome and minimalism isn’t your flavor, a capsule wardrobe bursting with print and color is just as valuable — so long as each piece can be worn in multiple ways. Fine-tune your wardrobe so that you’re wearing what you own as much as possible, so that each piece stands the test of time and serves a functional but joyful purpose in your life. What it looks like is up to you. 

Below, we’ve found the best pieces for a traditional capsule wardrobe, from summer-ready sandals to Breton striped tees.

Capsule Closet Must-Have:

Breton Tee

The Brittany-born striped top has been synonymous with timelessness ever since Coco Chanel turned the fisherman’s staple into a fashion favorite. Our preferred marinière tees are by Kule or Sézane, but there are heaps of other brands to choose from. Tuck into tailored trousers or denim and top off with black lace-up shoes or white sneakers.

Slide 22


The Malibu BUY $108.00 KULE

Kule The Malibu, $108.00, available at KULE

Oprah Daily

Oprah Daily featuring KULE tote as best Valentine's Day gift

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O List: Valentine’s Day Edition by Holly Carter and Rae Ann Herman

We heart these delightful finds.

It’s that time of year again, and the air is heady with all things love. At Oprah Daily, we can’t help falling in love with love, so we’re anteing up a crush-worthy curation of goodies for gifting others—or even yourself. Of course, in true O List fashion, there’s something to suit every desire. Since hearts reign supreme, there’s everything from mugs and bakeware to sneakers, jammies, and even cheese and waffles with the beloved symbol. And because any Valentine’s Day gift list wouldn’t be complete without the traditional trifecta of jewelry, chocolate, and flowers, there are great options in those categories, too. We even have some treats to express your puppy love­—all that and much more! So read on and let the good lovin’ begin.

The ’70s Love Tote

1 Kule The ’70s Love Tote


A tote big enough to carry a weekend’s worth of stuff is always a good thing. Add some love to it (literally!) and we’re all in. This cotton find measures 25″ by 17″ and has the brand’s signature red-and-blue taping right up top.


Vogue featuring KULE Cashmere Betty sweater as best striped sweater for wardrobe staples 2024

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New Year, New Vogue Essentials: The Wardrobe Staples We’re Wearing in 2024 by Vogue Shopping Editors

The new year (and peak winter!) has arrived, which means there’s no time like the present to fully transition your wardrobe into one more suitable for the freezing temperatures, gusty winds, and wintry mixes that come with it. While everyday essentials like crisp white button-ups, great pairs of jeans, and notable knitwear, are the usual suspects in a polished winter uniform, our staples for the foreseeable future look slightly different. For 2024, we’re giving fabulous faux-fur coats, lug-sole boots, slim-fitting turtlenecks, and chic leather gloves a front row seat. 

With that being said, we could never forgo those aforementioned closet classics all together, especially since the start of a new season is often synonymous with change, whether it’s to improve personal routines, set and manifest goals, or even make a sartorial vibe shift. (Maybe you’re rethinking how to approach your style, cleaning out your closet of unworn items of the past, or looking to update and elevate your collection of wardrobe essentials altogether.)

To help, the Vogue shopping team has gathered a robust list of our favorite, most versatile pieces we consider to be foundational for any closet. Pared back but never boring, these are the wardrobe essentials our editors find themselves turning to season after season, the mainstay items, and the pieces we’re loving for 2024. And while we’ll still welcome irresistible seasonal and trend-forward pieces like statement red sweaters and sleek denim midiskirts—it’s fashion we’re obsessed with, after all!—we know those need to live alongside a capsule of staples, because every wardrobe needs a yin-yang balance. That shiny new statement item will dazzle even more when paired with, say, the perfect go-to jeans. And sometimes the item becomes a wardrobe essential itself.

Ahead is a well-curated edit that has helped craft the foundation of our wardrobes. It’s safe to say we’re wearing at least one, if not more, of the highlighted pieces daily. We’ve covered the classics—white T-shirts, crewneck sweaters, trench coats, tailored trousers, chic sneakers—and also those items that have more recently earned their spot as a wardrobe essential: ballet flats, knit maxi dresses, menswear-inspired loafers, and pairs of polished kitten heels that transition from workwear to evening wear seamlessly.

So here’s to raising the bar on stylish essentials this winter season (and beyond) and investing in the timeless, long-lasting pieces you’ll love for years to come. Below, shop a collection of closet must-haves from your friends at Vogue. Happy New Year! 

The Striped Sweater

The nautical-inspired striped sweater is a favorite among a handful of our very own editors; perhaps it’s because La Ligne’s striped knits have been perfected by two former Vogue editors. Kules’s cream-and-navy version is another cozy choice.


The Betty cashmere sweater