Welcome to O BOY We’re Glad You’re Here

Nikki Kule, founder of KULE illustration in hat and scarf at her desk

Welcome to O BOY, the new KULE journal, illustrating a bigger slice of our brand’s world. From Nikkiโ€™s design inspiration and interest in art to our special way of styling, we’ll be dishing out some really fun recommendations in fashion, design, food, and travel. We will also opening up O BOY to our community and people that we love and represent the brand. KULE has such a specific DNA, and we want our community (you!) to be part of it.

Nikki started KULE in 2000 and since then, has fully mastered the striped shirt. There is truly nothing as great as a striped tee and jeans and the brand has stemmed from the idea that making everyday items really well makes you feel good. From our iconic smiley faces to our sayings (O BOY) we put a playful spin on items you can wear and live in for years.

KULE is a fashion brand but we hope that we can take you with us on what makes us a lifestyle too. There will be plentiful amounts of stripes, tips to tucking, and other really kule things coming your way.

Hang around for a while. We’re so glad you’re here ๐Ÿ™‚.