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A Guide to the 84 Small Businesses on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022 List by Aaron Radford-Wattley

This year, we’re putting a spotlight on small businesses.

It’s officially Oprah’s Favorite Things season, and you know what that means: Time to get shopping.

This year, we’re celebrating small businesses—think family-run, local makers, BIPOC- and woman-founded, and more! “No matter who you’re shopping for—friends, spouse, favorite teacher, a new grandbaby—we’ve got something that will let them know how much they matter,” Oprah says.

From toys created by a mother who wanted to make sure Black children saw positive depictions of themselves to delicious jams made by a husband-and-wife duo in upstate New York, we have an array of truly special gifts. Here, you can learn the inspiring stories behind the 84 small businesses we’re featuring.

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Stylish Gifts


Based in New York and founded by Nikki Kule, this “small but scrappy” company makes classic striped tees, updating fit and fabric, and all with a modern twist and a happy wink. Working with small factories around the world and using 100 percent organic yarns and recycled trims, it produces T-shirts that will make you smile for years to come. The lightweight cotton design of the Malibu Featherweight tee makes it the ideal striped top.

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Oprah Daily Oprah's Favorite Things Holiday 2022 featuring KULE Malibu tee

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Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022 List Is Here!

Oprah selected 104 gifts for everyone on your holiday list.

This year, we’re celebrating small businesses (think family-run, local makers, BIPOC- and woman-founded, and more!). So no matter who you’re shopping for—friends, spouse, favorite teacher, a new grandbaby— we’ve got something that will let them know how much they matter!

stylish gifts oft

The Malibu 100 Percent Cotton Featherweight Tee
KULE The Malibu 100 Percent Cotton Featherweight Tee


“I put this shirt on when I saw it, and that was it—love at first sight. This cotton design is lightweight and soft, and the simple stripes work on anyone, whichever color you go for.”

Also available at kule.com


Instyle features KULE for best cotton turtleneck

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These 10 Best Turtlenecks of 2022 That Make Layering A Breeze by Megan McCarty

Now that we’re firmly planted in leaf-peeping, PSL-drinking, and decorative gourd season, it’s time to refresh your fall wardrobe with a must-have classic: a turtleneck. Whether you opt for a tissue-thin fabric made for layering or a ribbed sweater-like shirt to cozy up in, you’ll still look effortlessly cool. 

These days, turtlenecks can take on many roles, from a base layer to a curve-skimming bodysuit, all while keeping your neck warm. There’s a good chance one of J.Crew’s Tissue Turtleneck, our top pick, already lives in your closet — it’s been a bestseller for years, and with its versatility it’s easy to see why. But whether you choose to add another one of J.Crew’s classics to your wardrobe or are inspired by one of our other expert-recommend, researched picks, you’ll be set for cooler temperatures.

Read on for the rest of our favorites.

Best Cotton: Kule The Turtleneck

Kule The Turtleneck


View On Kule.comView On Shopbop.com

What we love: This soft-as-can-be turtleneck makes for a utilitarian seasonal transition piece. 

What we don’t love: Some sizes in certain colorways are sold out. 

“This thin, striped turtleneck feels more like a tee than a sweater, making it the perfect transitional piece from summer into fall,” says Cerchione. Lightweight and made from super soft 100 percent cotton, it’s more than your average simple top. This design comes in various striped colorways, like cream and navy as well as navy and poppy (and so many more), in addition to solid gray and black. The relaxed neck gives you room to breathe while the striped pattern leans into an effortless French girl aesthetic. Here’s betting it would become an instant classic in your closet.

Price at time of publish: $98

Size: XS – XXL Color: 11 | Weight: Light | Material: Cotton

What to Keep in Mind


Turtlenecks can vary widely in weight, from tissue-thin to a chunky knit. While it can be hard to tell exactly how thick a turtleneck will be while buying online, keep a close eye on the description and reviews. Those should give you insight as to its weight. A light, medium, and heavy turtleneck can all have a place in your wardrobe, and one isn’t better than another. Its weight will change how you’re able to style it though, so you’ll want to have a good idea of how it’ll feel before purchasing. 


The material of your turtleneck will determine its softness, stretchiness, and how you need to care for it – all important factors. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a cotton turtleneck. It offers the breathability, the soft-to-the-touch feel, and just the right amount of stretch. If you want a form-fitting turtleneck or one with a little flexibility, look for one with a bit of spandex or elastane in its makeup. That’ll give you the, well, give that you’re looking for. 

When shopping for knit turtlenecks, first make sure you’re not sensitive to its material – no one likes an itchy experience – and then be sure to commit to properly caring for it. That could mean gentle machine washing, hand washing, or possibly dry cleaning as necessary.  


However you prefer your turtleneck to fit, ensure the neck has plenty of give. That way you can easily get it on and off without ruining your hair and getting lipstick all over it. More importantly though, you won’t feel like it’s choking you all day. Other than that, you could opt for a body-skimming turtleneck, a wildly oversized one, or something in between. That’s entirely up to you. 

Your Questions, Answered

How do you style a turtleneck?

The good news: there’s no wrong way to style a turtleneck. Think of it as a foundation to any autumn or winter outfit. You can add layer after layer on top of or let the turtleneck stand on its own. What you pair with your turtleneck will vary greatly depending on its cut, thickness, and style, of course, but here’s our advice. Get creative, whether that’s with layering, jewelry, or even with your hairstyle. (A ponytail to give off Audrey Hepburn vibes, for example.) Tuck in a form-fitting turtleneck with a high-waisted skirt, or pair an oversized turtleneck sweater with your favorite jeans. 

“A great base layer is a must-have,” says Barron. “I love a turtleneck as a layering piece under sweaters and dresses or on its own with a pair of jeans and a blazer for a sophisticated and timeless look.”

Why Shop With Us

Megan McCarty is a full-time freelance writer who writes about everything from design, to beauty to fashion. She regularly contributes to outlets like Domino, InStyle, People, Architectural Digest, Bustle, and many more. Aside from using her own expertise and completing lots of research, she interviewed style experts to find the best turtlenecks out there.

Harper’s Bazaar

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These 20 Striped Sweaters Are Actually True Wardrobe Staples by Halie LeSavage

Working in fashion has taught me a certain amount of shopping restraint. I swear by a single button-down shirt that renders all other dress shirts unnecessary. When I found out about a line of party shoes padded with memory foam, I removed all other heels from my virtual cart. But that personal fiscal responsibility and awareness of my apartment’s limited closet space goes out the window when I think about striped sweaters.

Striped sweaters are hardly groundbreaking. Yet somehow, designers at every end of the market have found new ways to show their stripes this fall. There are currently an abundance of striped sweaters—from oversized turtlenecks in black and cream to mohair pullovers in rainbow brights—that are calling my name. Best of all, the latest twists on this classic take a step outside the stripe sweater’s traditionally preppy confines (so there’s enough variety to justify another order).

“Most sweaters can be very flattering and at times even sexy,” stylist Alexis Badiyi tells me. For a striped sweater outfit that’s more nonchalant cool than New England collegiate, she says, “balancing whichever cut you choose with [the right] proportions is key.” Oversized striped sweaters can complement a slim-leg pointe pant and striped half-zips with a cropped hem often demand a front-tuck into billowing trousers.

Across the board, “for something unexpected, I love styling against the traditional feeling of a striped sweater, that to me can feel a bit preppy or buttoned up,” Badiyi adds. And if you want to go the Jane Birkin route with your stripes, new options from La Ligne, Toteme, and Khaite will have you covered. Read on for 20 striped sweaters so essential, you may have to shop more than one. Each to wear a different way, of course.


From FaceTiming with stylist Allison Bornstein to casually catching up with other editors, Kule’s striped sweaters have a habit of working their way into the conversation. Usually, with lots of praise. It’s half because Kule has one of the widest ranges of stripe colors to choose from, half because they keep their fresh-from the-box quality after dozens of wears. (The same standard applies to its best T-shirts.)


Byrdie featuring KULE mockneck

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Opt for Ultimate Coziness with The 17 Best Sweaters of The Season by Hayley Prokos

For most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the depths of winter with spring just out of reach. Naturally, we’ve swapped our fall favorites for winter essentials—namely, a collection of plush sweaters to pair with thick denim, wool coats, and weather-proof boots. It is sweater weather, after all.

If you’re attempting to freshen up cold-weather ensembles from past seasons, or simply looking to expand your current selection, you’re in luck, because we’ve rounded up the best sweaters for your every need.

Here are the best sweaters on the market this season.

Best High-Neck: Kule Cashmere Mockneck




A high-neck sweater is at the top of every fashion person’s list of fall must-haves because it’s equal parts functional and chic. Kule makes the ultimate boxy version that you’ll be inclined to wear for days on end. It has a mock neck, which offers a lower collar than a turtleneck that doesn’t fold over, and a relaxed fit for much comfort. It also features slits at the sleeves for the most effortless of appearances.

Material: 100% cashmere | Colors: Heather Grey | Size Range: XS-XL


Byrdie featuring KULE striped tee

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The Luxury Pieces Worth the Investment This Fall by Alexandra Malmed

The notion of constructing a life that emphasizes quality over quantity, is more alive and pertinent than ever before. When you dress in something that you adore, your whole perspective changes. You’re endowed with a cape of confidence and sparkle. Your posture improves. Everyday moments feel more important and meaningful. You’re given a transmission from the artist who designed the piece.

As you prepare your wardrobe for fall, allow yourself to step into a mindset of value and luxury. Buy primarily things that you’ll keep, wear, and love forever. Such pieces are the antidote to fast fashion and the dizzying shallowness of quick-to-pass trends. It’s time to return to sophistication.

Create a capsule wardrobe of classic, gorgeously crafted pieces—it will serve you forever and elevate your entire life. Here, investment pieces that will enrich your life for fall and beyond—and when applicable, a more affordable but still luxurious, beautifully crafted option.

The Breton Shirt

A perfect Brteon shirt will always be one of the coolest items of clothing in any collection. It’s ideal for every season, and it pays tribute to classic, trendless style. The ultimate Breton is this classic piece, made in France, by Saint James. It’s available in a few different colors, but we love the classic navy and white the most. Kule is also a great and extremely reliable source for striped shirts that fit exactly the way that you want them to, and Everlane also offers one that’s worthy of mention.

The Modern ($68)