IYKYK: Yolo Journal

Yolo Journal is one of Nikki’s favorite magazines, and its newsletter, Yolo Intel, is a must-read for discerning travelers. Yolo is a compilation of photography, travel inspiration, and ideas from various contributors with exceptional taste, creativity, and a great eye. Founded by Yolanda Edwards, the former creative director of Conde Nast Traveler magazine, Yolo’s recommendations are always spot on. Nikki suggests it for anyone who likes to travel, especially if you have interests in the arts, interior design, food, and fashion. She recently shared her packing tips for Yolo Intel’s newsletter. You’ll thank us for the recommendation 😉. Sign up for it here.

Packing is hard. It takes time. I have to think about how many days I’ll be away and try to bring ½ basics and ½ fun, so that I’m still inspired and excited to get dressed. I usually pack a little more within a color story when traveling to cities. When it’s a beach vacation, I pack fun patterns, prints (stripes) and some basics. On the plane, I like to look put together. I usually wear layers. I love to wear versatile and super comfortable pants, usually with stretch—I love the new brand High Sport, which are perfect for traveling. – Nikki

Nikki shared her packing-related tips, from general methods like folding vs. rolling to specific recommendations like her favorite travel hat.

I have this hat that was given to me as a gift by Michael Kors and Lance LePere. It’s a hat that completely flattens. It’s genius. – Nikki

Nikki was also recently featured in InStyle Germany’s “On My Desk” series, and guess what made an appearance? Her favorite Yolo Journal magazine 🙂.

Instyle Germany featuring Nikki Kule desk
YOLO is the best travel magazine: I love both the photographs and the content. I started subscribing during Covid, and I am now always so excited to receive it in the mail. Before traveling, I use it for insider information and tips on destinations (like where to eat and shop). – Nikki

Check out Yolo to see more about Nikki’s packing tips, including what she fits into a suitcase, the items she always has on the plane, her must-have beauty products, and plenty of stripes 😉.