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The 10 Best Beach Bags for the Sand and Surf by Ashley W. Simpson

We’re zeroing in on the days of constant sunshine and humidity—also known as beach season, baby. Whether you’re heading out to Montauk on a summer Friday or jetting to Menorca or Ibiza, there’s one accessory (beyond a pair of sandals) worth proper consideration: the dedicated beach bag. I’m talking about sand-repelling, water-resistant totes, carryalls spacious and sturdy enough to hold all your ocean essentials. 

If you’ve ever shown up to the shore with a regular backpack or just a towel, you know the value that a beach bag—something specific to a wet and sandy environment—possesses. As a Hawaii native, I definitely understand this sentiment more than most. My personal beach go-to is a simple red mesh tote from a legendary mom and pop shop in Kaimuki; locals recognize it instantly, and it’s a continual conversation starter (if you know, you know). My sister, who is based in Honolulu year-round, rotates between a classic Ralph Lauren canvas and a Goyard Artois. Basically, when it comes to the best beach bags, the material has to be appropriate and the design has to fit your lifestyle. From there, sky’s the limit. 

Ready to take a trip to the ocean blue? From statement pieces to designs that are old school and timeless, we’ve sifted through the many options to give you the best beach bags.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Beach Bags:

Not every bag is appropriate for the beach. Sure, there are plenty of options that could work, but a beach bag by definition is a tote. It’s the go-to for adventures in the sand, a roomy, utilitarian carryall built to pile all the requisite items for a day in the sun and water, often available in washable and abrasion-resistant materials. Below, three key elements to consider when selecting the right option: 

Size: How ambitious are your beach plans? Will you be dropping by solo, sunscreen and towel in hand for a couple hours in the water, or is this a day-long group activity complete with all the requisite tools to get you through hours of peak UV exposure? Choose a larger size tote if you’re envisioning more extensive beach trips or plan to pack towels, snacks, and the usual for more than just yourself. 

Material: While theoretically any tote can work for a beach bag, you’re going to want something that can withstand the elements and deflect sand, salt, and water. Look for waterproof or easily washable materials and avoid anything that could get too hot in the sun. Coated canvas, denim, raffia, and crocheted cotton are just a few top options. 

Style: Form should fit function, and style should fit your taste and lifestyle. Pick an aesthetic that blends easily into your core look. The right bag—whether a well-chosen statement piece or a classic, timeless offering—will last you far beyond Labor Day. 

Best Striped Beach Bag 

Kule The All Over Striped Tote Bag

Kule is a label that never skimps on the details, offering accessories of the highest quality that are finely. Case in point: This eye-catching, roomy, and durable tote bag, which comes in an array of striped color combinations, a motif synonyms with beach bags. 

Dimensions: 17 x 25 inches.
Materials: Canvas. 
Style: Preppy.