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How To Channel Golf & Tennis Style This Summer (Actual Play, Optional) by Jinnie Lee

We’ve got summer sports on the brain — namely, tennis and golf. The PGA Tour is underway; Wimbledon is approaching next month. But even if you’re not spectating, we bet the golf and tennis looks have still been on your mind this summer.That’s because we’re seeing the ultra-sporty style trend in a big way this summer. Both golf and tennis have traditionally been synonymous with prep culture. While that vibe is still prevalent, the styles are far more effortless, casual, and wearable than before. It’s the latest iteration of the athleisurewear trend, and it has just the right mix of elevated polish and laid-back ease. Plus, with looks this fun and flirty, you can wear them anywhere — no court or links required.Ahead, check out the elements of what makes for a stylish golf or tennis player — that is, minus the racquets and clubs.

Crew Socks

Make no mistake — there’s a certain style of sock needed to complete the tennis or golf look, and that is the high crew. The reason is so that a higher-cut sock can absorb sweat that’s dripping down your legs. (Ankle socks could never.) You’ve got a few extra inches of upper sock area to show off, so go ahead and select a snazzy pair. Kule The Women’s Tennis Sock, $28.00, available at Kule.