Crafting a Signature Style with Nikki Kule

This Fall, In Kind Magazine interviewed Nikki about her personal style for its Issue No. 7. If you don’t know of In Kind Magazine, then you must subscribe. It’s a biannual print magazine created and edited by Leah Melby Clinton and Hannah Weil McKinley that focuses on career, motherhood, and style. Nikki’s Instagram selfies caught the eye of Leah and Hannah, who then reached out to include her in the magazine. In Nikki’s feature, she discusses the art of dressing for herself and finding inspiration. We’re including a sneak peek of In Kind this week to dive deeper into Nikki’s outfit formulas for each season.

For fall/winter in New York, where Nikki was born and raised, she says she’s a coat and pants girl. “Pants are what I love to start with and build my look from there.” Nikki says her go-to pieces are “a button-down shirt from KULE, trousers, and a great coat or jacket.”

In the spring, Nikki likes to layer and still keeps a favorite jacket like the KULE Rox Trench with which she wears a KULE tee (the Wynn Baby Tee is her current favorite), great pants, and sandals.

When Nikki’s in Miami, she uses the same process of getting dressed, but adds some more playful elements. 

Interview as told to by Hannah Weil McKinley of In Kind. For more of the interview, including some of Nikki’s go-to brands to mix with KULE, packing and style tips for travel, and her approach to design these days, you can order a copy of In Kind issue No.7.