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Serve Looks in These Tennis Skirts, Sweaters, and Sporty Dresses by Rachel Besser

The US Open’s return gives tennis aficionados plenty of reason to rejoice. Add to that the strong sartorial qualities of the best tennis clothes for women, and it’s hard not to be in the mood for a match, no matter the level of your tennis prowess. 

Countless brands are emerging with trend-forward tennis pieces that are equal parts technical and stylish. Designers like Tory Burch and Rowing Blazers are releasing tennis dressesskirts, and sweaters that hearken back to the chic retro tennis gear that can be worn seamlessly on or off the court. Luxury retailers are also in on the trend, with sites like Net-a-Porter having launched tennis edits to cater to the growing interest in outdoor sports.

Whether you’re seeking out traditional head-to-toe tennis whites, retro tennis-inspired sweaters to keep warm in on chilly summer evenings, or tennis dresses and skirts with classic pleats to sport all summer long (even when you’re not hitting the clay), meet your match with the sophisticated and stylish tennis wares ahead. 

Shop all these and more of the best tennis clothes for women. You’re going to love love our edit.