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40 Winter Maternity Dresses for Bundling a Baby Bump by Laura Lajiness

For many mothers-to-be, personal style quickly falls to the wayside during pregnancy, not always for lack of effort but to simply make it through the woes of the first trimester at the very least. But rather than default to your sweats in cold weather, stylish winter maternity dresses abound this season, whether you’re in your first, second, or third trimester. Of course, there’s no shame in wearing whatever you feel most comfortable in—after all, nurturing yourself is most important when you’re growing life inside. But for moments when you’re inspired to level up from loungewear, cold-weather-ready sweaterdresses, long-sleeve silhouettes, turtlenecks, maxi-length styles, and more feel equally effortless as that coordinating sweatsuit with an infinitely more polished look.

If you’re not sure where to look for stylish maternity dresses for winter, there are, of course, pregnancy-specific brands that cater to a growing bump. But they’re not the only ones with great offerings. Many of your favorite designers and labels carry versatile designs that can accommodate your developing shape—the trick is sizing up and honing in on flexible and loose silhouettes, like knitted and voluminous dresses with lots of stretch and non-restricting waists.

Layering is also crucial. Some of the most comfortable maternity dresses are maxi styles crafted in soft jerseys or cotton. While they may feel a bit bare in the cold, you can toss on your coziest sweater on top or layer a long-sleeve bodysuit or fitted top underneath, finishing with tights and a warm coat for a full-on bundle. The same goes for loose-fitting shorter hemlines in lightweight fabrics and festive styles if you’re dressing for a holiday event—with an insulating layer or two in the mix, plus seasonally apropos suede boots, you’ll feel cozy as ever while looking très chic.

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The Leisure Dress

On your most relaxed days, a leisure-inspired maternity dress will feel like perfection with sneakers, be it a sweatshirt-style silhouette, soft rib-knit, or simple cotton A-line mini.