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26 Matching Sweatsuits to Wear At Home or On the Go by Concetta Ciarlo

Matching sweatsuits—in fact, the entire athleisure category—have come along from their early associations with being “a sign of defeat…” (For those curious about where the phrase originated from, it was Karl Lagerfeld who first said it.) Today’s coordinated sets—in fleece, terrycloth, even cashmere—are proof that casual comfort and polished style don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You have early adopters, like Gigi Hadid and Rihanna, to thank for that transition—neither are strangers to sporting head-to-toe loungewear with their favorite jewelry and designer handbags. Fashion brands (who might have previously eschewed the look) have also dipped their toes in the loungewear pool, putting out thoughtfully-designed sweatshirts and sweatpants sets that can seamlessly transition between different scenarios. 

For example, one might now wear a matching tracksuit to the airport; atop black leggings on the way to a workout studio, or with a structured winter coat and minimalist sneakers for a weekend stroll—no matter the occasion, these coordinated pieces can achieve a put-together look in a matter of minutes. 

Whether you’re a monochrome ensemble-loving minimalist or an athletic-minded maximalist, there’s a matching sweatsuit out there for you. Below, find 26 matching sweatsuits that are equal parts put-together and comfy for the new year.

kule hoodie and sweatpants

KULE the oversized hoodie, $158 and KULE the women’s organic sweatpants, $118