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Vogue Essentials: 40 Wardrobe Staples Our Editors Are Wearing in 2022 by The Get Editors

The start of a new year is often synonymous with change, whether it’s to improve personal routines, setting and manifesting goals, or even a sartorial shift—a fresh idea about how you’d like to dress for the year ahead. Maybe you’re rethinking how to approach your style, cleaning out your closet of unworn items of your past, or looking to update and elevate your collection of wardrobe essentials altogether.

To help, The Get has gathered a robust list of our favorite, most versatile pieces we consider to be foundational for any closet. Pared-back but never boring, these are the wardrobe essentials our editors find themselves turning to season after season, those mainstay items we look forward to wearing with everything in 2022. And while we’ll still welcome irresistible seasonal and trend-forward pieces–—it’s fashion we’re obsessed with after all!—we know those need to live alongside a capsule of staple items because every wardrobe needs a yin-yang balance. That shiny new statement item will dazzle even more when paired with, say, the perfect go-to denim.

Ahead is a well-curated edit that has helped craft the foundation of our wardrobes. It’s safe to say we’re wearing at least one, if not more, of the highlighted pieces below daily. We’ve covered the classics: white t-shirts, crewneck sweaters, trench coats. And also those items that have more recently earned their spot as a wardrobe essential: puffer coats, matching sweats, and mini dresses. These pieces have transcended their stance as a fleeting trend, becoming notable additions to the list.

So here’s to raising the bar on stylish essentials in 2022 and investing in the timeless, long-lasting pieces you’ll love for years to come. Below, shop a collection of closet must-haves from your friends at The Get.

The Classic Striped Tee

An 1858 regulation introduced the striped tee (or marinière) to the official wardrobe of quartermasters and sailors in the French Navy. In the 160-some years since it’s become a symbol of timeless French fashion and a very important element in many Vogue editor’s closets—seafaring experience not required.