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The Best Holiday Gifts for Everyone (That Do Good, Too) by Ambar Pardilla and Kayla Levy

Gifts that give back are basically twofers: a gift and a donation in one. And while donating directly and demanding policy change are the most effective ways to support your causes, a thoughtful gift can’t hurt. Below, we’ve rounded up gifts that give back — almost all of them give at least 10 percent of their proceeds to efforts including racial justice, food security, and women’s rights. All these gifts should arrive before Christmas, but with even-worse-than-usual supply-chain issues this year, our advice is to shop sooner rather than later. And if you want to donate directly, we have directories of organizations helping frontline workers during the coronavirus crisis, Haiti’s earthquake-relief efforts, fighting the Texas abortion ban, and supporting Black lives and communities of color.

Kule The Modern 1973, $98

This limited-edition long-sleeved shirt from Kule — a luxury children’s brand that is one of our favorites for women’s striped tees — is made in partnership with Prinkshop. (Kule collaborated on a collection with Social Goods, too, which includes this “Witch” trucker hat). The T-shirt commemorates the year Roe v. Wade was passed into law, and 30 percent of each purchase goes to the National Institute for Reproductive Health, which works to ensure everyone has access to reproductive health care across the country.