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These Under-$50 Gifts Will Hit The Sweet Spot by Emily Ruane

The $50 price tag marks a significant threshold when it applies to gifts. Plunking down something close to that number says a lot of things to your recipient, like: “This gift is the equivalent of three Sweetgreen salads” and “I forewent a new pair of leggings so you could have something nice this year.” No matter where the $50-and-under gift falls on the hierarchy of your holiday shopping list, we’re here to make sure you have the coolest, most thoughtful (and did we mention wow-inducing?) gewgaw out there. In fact, we scoured the World Wide Web to find a bunch of just that kind of item!Depending on your budget, the $50 gift could be the splashiest present on your list, or it could be what you’re packing up and shipping out in multiples to your five closest friends. Whether it’s a kooky oven mitt, a roomy carryall made from recycled plastic bottles, or a baby blanket that will make your little bundle look like a burrito, we’ve got the goods to ensure you get the best-present-giver award this season. Click through to see our personal picks for the pluckiest gifts that won’t cost you more than 50 buckeroos.

Kule The Women’s Take Out Sock

If you’re going to gift someone socks, gift them the Kulest pair around.

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Kule The Women’s Take Out Sock – White, $28.00, available at Kule.