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The Definitive Guide To The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For 2023 by Marshall BrightVivien LeeBecca Sax

Take a deep breath. Crack those knuckles. Grab that pen and gift list. Because ’tis the season for holiday shopping. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, don’t fret. Because shopping for presents can be A Lot, we put together an all-encompassing lineup featuring our most popular holiday gift guides and star ideas from each — all culled from our wealth of anonymous shopping data. Since holiday gifting season has only begun, we took a deep dive into gift guides from last year to see which gifts our readers (and their lucky recipients) loved the most.

Keep checking back throughout December as we refresh this gift roster with the freshest favorites from our gift guides worth putting a bow on. We now present you, dear reader, with our list of the best gift ideas for the 2023 holiday season. Scroll on to shop.

Best Chanukah Gifts

Oy Vey Socks


Oy Vey Socks BUY $30.00KULE

Oy Vey Socks, $30

While most gifts in our guide will work for any winter holiday celebration, we still have to give a special shout-out to the Festival of Lights with a roundup of gifts for grown-ups that are cool, not corny. And the top-bought gift is none other than these cheeky socks from Kule that make the Yiddish phrase into a high-fashion moment.

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