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A Guide to the 84 Small Businesses on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022 List by Aaron Radford-Wattley

This year, we’re putting a spotlight on small businesses.

It’s officially Oprah’s Favorite Things season, and you know what that means: Time to get shopping.

This year, we’re celebrating small businesses—think family-run, local makers, BIPOC- and woman-founded, and more! “No matter who you’re shopping for—friends, spouse, favorite teacher, a new grandbaby—we’ve got something that will let them know how much they matter,” Oprah says.

From toys created by a mother who wanted to make sure Black children saw positive depictions of themselves to delicious jams made by a husband-and-wife duo in upstate New York, we have an array of truly special gifts. Here, you can learn the inspiring stories behind the 84 small businesses we’re featuring.

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Stylish Gifts


Based in New York and founded by Nikki Kule, this “small but scrappy” company makes classic striped tees, updating fit and fabric, and all with a modern twist and a happy wink. Working with small factories around the world and using 100 percent organic yarns and recycled trims, it produces T-shirts that will make you smile for years to come. The lightweight cotton design of the Malibu Featherweight tee makes it the ideal striped top.