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Oprah Daily featuring KULE tote as best Valentine's Day gift

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O List: Valentine’s Day Edition by Holly Carter and Rae Ann Herman

We heart these delightful finds.

It’s that time of year again, and the air is heady with all things love. At Oprah Daily, we can’t help falling in love with love, so we’re anteing up a crush-worthy curation of goodies for gifting others—or even yourself. Of course, in true O List fashion, there’s something to suit every desire. Since hearts reign supreme, there’s everything from mugs and bakeware to sneakers, jammies, and even cheese and waffles with the beloved symbol. And because any Valentine’s Day gift list wouldn’t be complete without the traditional trifecta of jewelry, chocolate, and flowers, there are great options in those categories, too. We even have some treats to express your puppy love­—all that and much more! So read on and let the good lovin’ begin.

The ’70s Love Tote

1 Kule The ’70s Love Tote


A tote big enough to carry a weekend’s worth of stuff is always a good thing. Add some love to it (literally!) and we’re all in. This cotton find measures 25″ by 17″ and has the brand’s signature red-and-blue taping right up top.