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5 Easy Tips for Living More Sustainably This Earth Day, and Every Day by Mina Dragani

Making eco-friendly choices is not as complicated as you think. Follow these tips for incorporating sustainable practices into your day-to-day life.

Sustainability: you’ve heard the word a thousand times, but what does it mean within the context of your life? There are millions of ways to preserve the welfare of the environment, but they often feel too daunting to include in our daily lives. However, the idea that sustainable practices must be reserved for grandiose deeds is completely false. Like many things in life, it’s the small acts that matter the most. This means educating yourself on the environmental impact of your typical regimes, supporting the right brands, and cutting out excess waste. Everything from brushing your teeth to hitting the grocery store has the potential to be eco-conscious.

When looking at how items as trivial as plastic bags and moisturizer bottles negatively affect the world around us, the reality might astonish you. An estimated five trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year, and only 9 percent of those bags are recycled. That means roughly 91% of plastic bags end up in landfills, oceans, and other problematic destinations. If everyone stopped relying on plastic products, the state of the environment might look quite different. It is not an impossible mission, but it will take some time. Essentially, we must actively tailor our daily routines so that they consider sustainability. This Earth Day, think about implementing these five uncomplicated tips for a more eco-friendly way of life. 

Ditch Single Use Plastics

KULE striped tote

Simple yet effective. Dig out your trusty canvas tote and bring it with you everywhere you go. Carrying your groceries, new clothes, and everything else in a reusable way is an extremely easy way of cutting down on plastic and reducing your daily waste. These days, you can find reusable forms of almost anything. Produce bags, sandwich bags, cotton rounds, paper towels, and so much more. Getting your hands on some of these items will do wonders for minimizing your environmental footprint.