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Harry Styles-Inspired Striped Shirts For Men And Women by Lourdes Avila Uribe

Searches for this rainbow-striped tee skyrocketed after the release of the singer’s “Daylight” music video.

Few posses the aptitude for setting the fashion internet ablaze quite like Mr. Harry Styles. Has he ever put together an outfit that wasn’t absolute fire? His knack for choosing unique-but-accessible apparel that sparks joy both onstage and off means that certain pieces — from oversized necklaces and boas to leisure suits and colorful crochet cardigans — can launch a thousand imitators.

Recently, Styles bestowed on us his version of the dopamine dressing look, wearing a vibrant, colorful T-shirt in the music video for his song “Daylight.” It’s a classic vintage-style ringer tee in bright rainbow-colored stripes.

Some internet sleuthing led us to the discovery that Styles is wearing a custom T-shirt from Gucci — a longtime collaborator — as he has been doing since the onset of his “Harry’s House” tour. As several enthusiastic Instagram users noted, he’s in his T-shirt era, and we are here for it.

The ringer tee vibe has a very retro ’70s feel that is down-to-earth, carefree and the epitome of summer. It’s a fun, fresh look that encapsulates the casual ease of the season. And considering that it’s also Pride Month, Styles’ timing couldn’t be more perfect. What better to throw on for all our upcoming Pride festivities?

Below, we’ve rounded up a few Harry Styles-inspired multicolored striped T-shirts for men and women to wear all summer long. It’s an easy top to throw on and hit the park, rock at a BBQ or wear to happy hour while looking cool as hell. You can even top it off with a chunky beaded necklace, a la Harry.


Kule A modern rainbow bright teeIf you want an option that’s a touch more high-end, take a look at this cheerful option from Kule. It’s made of soft and light Portuguese cotton with a simple straight cut silhouette and and the brand’s classic taping at the hem. It’s a basic T-shirt with a bit of extra pizzazz. It’s available in 18 different stripe combinations and six solid colors in sizes XS to XXL.$68 AT KULE