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68 Stylish Gift Ideas for Women That Won’t End Up on the Return List by The Editors of GQ

Coming up with good gift ideas for women in your life can be tough. Here are our three cardinal rules for always getting it right when it comes to gifts for her: 1.) Consider her wish list, not her to-do list. 2.) Buy from brands and makers whose taste you can trust. 3.) Think of what to get her—and then go even bigger. If you’re looking for something for your partner, finding the perfect gift can be especially hard, whether you’ve been shacked up for three months or three years (if you’ve made it to three decades, congratulations, you’re an excellent gift giver). Finding something for your sister or mother and even sometimes your best friend is no cakewalk either. That’s where this here website, and its numerous 100% authentic and totally superior gift guides, comes in. Today we’ve got 68 stylish gift ideas for women, from dangly earrings and loungewear to weighted blankets and ceramics. These are evergreen for any sort of occasion, but if you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day-specific ideas, we’ve got you covered there, too.


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