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The 18 Best Summer Hats to Wear With Everything This Season by Rebecca Brown

The best summer hats for women can work as a topper for your outfit, going as well with swimsuits and cover-ups as they do sweat shortsbike shorts, and sundresses. And when combined with sunglasses and sunscreen, they’re also key to providing skin with sun protection, which can help you avoid hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and even cancer. The best part? Sun-protection hats can also be certified cute, with panama hats and straw sun hats becoming an IG-approved must-have.

If you don’t consider yourself a hat person just yet, allow us to convince you otherwise. From straw bucket hats to wide-brim sun hats, there are countless headwear styles out there to choose from, whatever your personal aesthetic may be. And the options go beyond your standard beach hats: Quilted, crochet, garden hats, and even retro sun-visor hats (so uncool that they’re cool again) are all in the mix—designs that might encourage you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, whatever your preferred weekend activity.

Some women’s sun hats are designed specifically for summertime activities, so you’ll find packable, adjustable designs below, too. Because whether you’re hosting a birthday picnic, doing some gardening, or going for a dip in the pool, a cute hat will not only shield you from harmful UV rays, but it’ll help you feel ready for the great outdoors too.

To make it easy, we’ve gathered the best-sellers in one spot. So go on, protect your skin, and complete your seasonal wardrobe with the best summer hats for women in 2022.

Kule Take Out baseball hat

Kule Take Out Cap

Spreading good vibes with a classic cap will never go out of style. This one’s plain and all business in the front, party in the back. Double down on the cuteness and finish your look with the brand’s smiley-face socks. $48 Kule