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What To Wear For (Actually Great) Family Photos, According To Stylish Parents by Kari Molvar

The best family photos look effortless, but in truth require some planning for them to turn out great. Sure, you can get lucky and happen to catch a photo of everyone gathered in the same spot looking spiffy and happy to be there. But those spontaneous moments are rare for busy families, and if you have a holiday card to get out the door or a gallery wall to fill up, you’ll need to plan a shoot. The “shoot” can simply mean standing by a tree in your backyard or walking down a city street; don’t stress about that aspect. Where you do need to put some thought into: the outfits.

Clothing is a detail that people immediately notice and that has a huge impact on the mood and vibe of a photo. While those awkward pictures of children in uncomfortable dresses and scratchy sweaters, with adults hanging in there for dear life, have a certain charm, you can avoid the tears and meltdowns and also end up with some keepsake shots and good memories.

After interviewing stylish parents who frequently get in front of the camera (and enjoy it), we learned that balance is key: Go for a cohesive look with clothing that’s coordinated but not constraining, and set a few fashion parameters that allow everyone to express their individuality and feel seen for who they are. Ahead, find the best outfits to consider for perfectly-imperfect, great family photos (and scroll down for excellent style pointers from parents who are well-versed in family photoshoots).

The Best Family Photo Outfits For Boys

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