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The Luxury Pieces Worth the Investment This Fall by Alexandra Malmed

The notion of constructing a life that emphasizes quality over quantity, is more alive and pertinent than ever before. When you dress in something that you adore, your whole perspective changes. You’re endowed with a cape of confidence and sparkle. Your posture improves. Everyday moments feel more important and meaningful. You’re given a transmission from the artist who designed the piece.

As you prepare your wardrobe for fall, allow yourself to step into a mindset of value and luxury. Buy primarily things that you’ll keep, wear, and love forever. Such pieces are the antidote to fast fashion and the dizzying shallowness of quick-to-pass trends. It’s time to return to sophistication.

Create a capsule wardrobe of classic, gorgeously crafted pieces—it will serve you forever and elevate your entire life. Here, investment pieces that will enrich your life for fall and beyond—and when applicable, a more affordable but still luxurious, beautifully crafted option.

The Breton Shirt

A perfect Brteon shirt will always be one of the coolest items of clothing in any collection. It’s ideal for every season, and it pays tribute to classic, trendless style. The ultimate Breton is this classic piece, made in France, by Saint James. It’s available in a few different colors, but we love the classic navy and white the most. Kule is also a great and extremely reliable source for striped shirts that fit exactly the way that you want them to, and Everlane also offers one that’s worthy of mention.

The Modern ($68)